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Everybody knows pizza. Originating in Naples, it is the typical traditional dish of the city at the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, a synonym for the culinary arts of every pizza chef, his pride and joy.

“O’ pizzaiuolo” was the seller, an ancient profession that emerged long before the pizza was created as we know it today. Originally, pizza meant a flatbread made from wheat and without yeast, topped with oil, anchovies, cheese and, later, tomatoes.

The pizzaiuolo put the dough into a wood-fired oven and “alluccando, alluccando” (shouting) “A’ pizza a’ pizza” (“Pizzaaa! Pizzaaa!”) sold the finished flatbread to passers by of his stand, usually located in the Via Toledo, the heart of Naples.

ultimate dining
experience like
no other

Dining experience

The Via Toledo was the bustling main street of the city, where “noble ladies and rich folk” showed off in fashionable carriages. The patricians loved to eat pizza closely watched by merchants, vendors and singers with their mandolins. Starting out from the Via Toledo of the past, we have set our heart at reviving the tradition, taste and aroma of former times in our products.

We are proud to offer our pizzas in the heart of your city. IGT, IGP, DOP, DOC and DOCG are not just designations, they authenticate and guarantee the quality of our products.

ultimate dining
experience like
no other

Dining experience

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pizza chef

”The pizza here is light with a thin, well-structured crust made in the gourmet or classic style. It is tasty but most importantly authentically Neapolitan. There are not many adjectives to describe what is undoubtedly one of the best pizzas in Vienna. Although the name may be deceptive, we are not located between Piazza Dante and Piazza Plebiscito but rather in the heart of Vienna. Entering Francesco Calò’s pizzeria is a culinary journey that starts from the montanara with tomato sauce, basil and pecorino cheese to end with pasteria napoletana and sfogliatella, two colossal symbols of Naples.
The menu offers a wide choice of classic and gourmet pizzas, all with long leavened dough and high hydration. On the beverage front, the pairing of pizza and wine is just one of the features that make this place special. Each course on the menu is accompanied by wine, all strictly DOC, DOP, DOCG, or IGT. The staff who speak both German and Italian fluently are extremely dedicated to pampering the client from start to finish. This is especially noticeable during the weekend, when, due to the long wait, glasses of Prosecco are offered to pass the time”

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The Hand:
Roots, Passion and

Indulge in our tasting menu “The Hand”.

The inclusion of the 5 senses, a food and wine journey where taste meets the artistic vision of our Patron Francesco Calò.

7-course tasting course.

Available for tables max of 6 people.

Use the tag: “the hand” during the reservation.