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Our Concept

Pizza is a universally recognized culinary delight. It hails from the enchanting city of Naples, nestled at the base of the formidable Mount Vesuvius, and is an emblem of the culinary mastery that defines every pizza artisan. It’s a source of immense pride and joy for them.

The “pizzaiuolo” was the purveyor, a vocation with ancient roots that predated the modern pizza as we know it today. In its earliest incarnation, pizza was a unleavened flatbread crafted from wheat, garnished with oil, anchovies, cheese, and, in due course, the addition of tomatoes. The pizzaiuolo skillfully placed the dough into a traditional wood-fired oven, passionately exclaiming “A’ pizza a’ pizza” (“Pizzaaa! Pizzaaa!”) to attract the attention of passersby near his kiosk, which was commonly situated in Via Toledo, the bustling heart of Naples.



Via Toledo used to be the vibrant epicenter of the urban landscape, where opulent carriages paraded, showcasing the city’s elite, including “noble ladies and affluent individuals.” The pizza-loving patricians relished their meals, serenaded by merchants, vendors, and minstrels strumming melodious tunes on their mandolins.

Drawing inspiration from the bygone Via Toledo, we have dedicated ourselves to rekindling the essence of tradition, flavor, and fragrances from days of yore in our culinary creations.

We take immense pride in presenting our pizzas in the heart of your community. The designations of IGT, IGP, DOP, DOC, and DOCG transcend mere labels; they serve as an imprimatur, ensuring the quality and authenticity of our offerings.

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The Hand:
Roots, Passion and

Indulge in our tasting menu “The Hand”.

The inclusion of the 5 senses, a food and wine journey where taste meets the artistic vision of our Patron Francesco Calò.

7-course tasting course.

Available for tables max of 6 people.

Use the tag: “the hand” during the reservation.